The First Annual OSC Graduate Student Workshop/Conference!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb 1, 2000) — 

The High Performance Computing (HPC) division of OSC is sponsoring a Graduate Student Conference/Workshop at OSC on August 11 and 12, 2000. The purpose of the Conference/Workshop is to introduce graduate students from around the state to the resources and capabilities of OSC, as well as to exchange information about research projects being undertaken by other graduate students in Ohio.

About 25 attendees from around Ohio will be selected by application. The selected students will be expected to attend both days of the Workshop/Conference. The schedule includes several short workshops (some for all attendees and some in breakout sessions) and several short oral and poster research presentations.

The Conference/Workshop will end with a Plenary Lecture and evaluations. OSC will provide all food and lodging; travel expenses to and from Columbus will be the responsibility of the attendee. We strongly encourage that the advisor or home institution provide support for travel expenses.

Why a Workshop/Conference?

The mission of the Graduate Student Workshop/Conference is to make students aware of the resources and capabilities of OSC's HPC division. This will be the first program at OSC focused on graduate student researchers. While many student researchers typically interact with one area of high-performance computing, the Workshop part will allow students to get a more well-rounded understanding of HPC at OSC. In addition, the Conference part will give students an opportunity to see the computational research projects of students around the state.

Who is Eligible?

All attendees will be selected by application. Eligible students include any currently-enrolled graduate students or post-doctoral researchers performing research using OSC computational resources. Advanced undergraduate research students with substantial progress in any area of computational research are also urged to apply. The intent of the application process is to ensure that students from across Ohio as well as the various scientific and engineering disciplines are represented.

Tentative Timeline:
Application Deadline: May 5, 2000
(Anticipated) Notification of Selection for Attendance: June 1, 2000
(Applicants will receive notification via e-mail, and will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the offer to attend)

Sponsored by
High Performance Computing Division of OSC and the Ohio Board of Regents