The Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center of Ohio presents Windows On The Future Showcasing Research and Industry

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jul 2, 2001) — 

Windows On The Future provides a forum in which academic institutions, research centers, corporate laboratories and government agencies can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and form networking relationships that will collectively benefit Ohio's higher education and industrial communities. This conference will focus on technology briefings by leading researchers in areas such as Internet engineering, networking, communications, and technology development.

Windows On The Future will be the first in a series of quarterly conferences that brings together internationally recognized experts to discuss new and emerging networking technologies, and to speculate on the impact and role these technologies will have in the future.

One of the primary goals of ITEC-Ohio is to stimulate research and development in advanced networking technologies, and support the transfer of these technologies into products and services for the general public. As a regional center for advanced communications and engineering within the Internet2 community, the ITEC-Ohio consortium takes advantage of the concentration of universities in the state that are conducting research in Quality of Service, telemedicine, virtual laboratories, remote shared resources, distance learning, digital libraries, multi-media, and distributed computing.

Windows On The Future is sponsored by ITEC-Ohio and OSC Networking, and will feature a variety of presentations, panel discussions and a keynote address by Ohio's Science and Technology Advisor Frank Samuel. Participants include faculty and researchers from Ohio's colleges and universities, as well as representatives from government agencies, and leading industries.

Conference information and registration is available on-line at If you have any questions regarding registration contact Julie Wilson, 800-627-8101 x.200 or