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A Vision for OSC

By Pankaj Shah, Executive Director, OSC and OARnet

In 2014, Ohio Supercomputer Center clients at Ohio’s public research universities accounted for $146 million—or nearly 19 percent—of the $780 million in active-award funding awarded to those universities from three of the largest federal research-funding agencies.

We cannot say that OSC resources necessarily contributed to each of the identified grants, but it is clear that a significant segment of Ohio researchers rely upon OSC computational resources to advance their vital innovations and discoveries.”

Here at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, the gleaming hardware and sophisticated software are certainly important components of our contributions to discovery and innovation, but it remains the human element that lies at the heart of what we do. 

First, the researchers: Last year, OSC awarded compute time that resulted in nearly 1,173 faculty, staff and student assistants across the state running simulations or analyses for 239 new research projects. This report highlights a sampling of Ohio’s research endeavor; there are many more stories waiting to be told.

Second, the OSC staff: In 2014, OSC delivered more than 87 million CPU core-hours, for more than 2.2 million jobs using 975 terabytes of storage with 99.2 percent uptime. Our restructured management team has developed a sustainable, new business model that seeks collaborations with university and industry partners.

Third, statewide leadership: In early 2015, officials from across Ohio convened to dedicate our newest supercomputer system, and, through their support, we have been allocated capital funding for a 2016 system much larger than the total current OSC infrastructure.

We welcome researchers to tell us more about their computing needs and interests and encourage policymakers to learn more about how OSC is helping Ohio build on its legacy as a leader in discovery and innovation.