Owens batch is down


Updated at 9:07PM on Dec 20, 2017 :

Owens batch was restored by updating Torque resource manager at 6:37pm Dec 19, 2017. 

Original Post at 4:45PM on Dec 19, 2017:

Owens batch has been down since approximately 4pm Dec 19, 2017 with returning the following message:

Unable to communicate with owens-batch.ten.osc.edu(
Cannot connect to specified server host 'owens-batch.ten.osc.edu'.
qsub: cannot connect to server owens-batch.ten.osc.edu (errno=111) Connection refused

We are working to fix this issue now. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please contact oschelp@osc.edu if you have any questions