A vulnerability, CVE-2024-27322, in the R programming language that affects the serialization and deserialization process in the R programming language prior to version 4.4.0 is discovered.

Torque module on Oakley improperly setting environment variables


Intel library paths are being added to the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH incorrectly when loading torque.  Additionally the Intel paths remain when the torque module is unloaded.  This causes the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be populated with paths that should not be there.

Users should be cognizant of this error, as it can effect which dynamic libraries are linked against during run time.  

Ensure the libraries you want to link against are defined before other paths in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as the runtime linker searches for libraries as they are defined and will stop at the first one it finds that matches what it is searching for.