Login Shell Issues on Oakley


UPDATE: The shells have all been switched back for affected users, and you can submit jobs normally again.  Additionally, if you are still logged in and have the incorrect shell, logging back out and then back in should now give you the correct shell.  It has also come to our attention that this issue may have caused some jobs for the affected users to fail, and we will be refunding RU's as necessary.  Please contact OSC Help if you believe your jobs have been affected by this issue.


Some users may have experienced a change in shells overnight; the cause is currently under investigation.  If you have been affected by this change, you must specify your shell for all jobs you submit.  For example, if using bash, you must add "-S /bin/bash" to your qsub command for both batch and interactive jobs.  Additionally, if you would like to use your correct login shell, you can temporarily change to it in your SSH client session by using the commmand (for bash users): "bash -l".  If you have experienced any side effects of this issue that require extra assistance, please contact OSC Help.