System reboot due to security vulnerability


2015/02/17 UPDATE - Security Patch Succesfully Implimented

All systems have been updated with the secuirty patch.  

Starting Thursday, 4:00PM we will begin taking systems down in order to implement a security patch needed on all systems.  Systems will be rebooted in multiple stages.  The following is the schedule for the reboots:

Thursday 4:00PM 

  • All login nodes
    • No login access will be available at this time
  • Globus nodes

Friday 9:00AM

  • Batch servers 

Friday 9:10AM

  • Web service nodes
    • This inludes nodes that support OnDemandAwesim and the Open Science Grid.  These services will be unavailable during the reboot.

Users on these nodes will see disruptions or abrupt termiantion of services at those times.

Jobs should not be affected.

Please contact if you have specific concerns.