Gaussian g16b01 G4 problem

Gaussian-4 (G4) theory calculations in Gaussian 16 Rev. B.01 can produce erratic results.  A workaround is to use Gaussian 16 Rev. A.03 or Rev. C.01, e.g.: 

module load gaussian/g16c01

Gaussian 16 Rev. A.03 has been made the default module on all clusters.  A typical symtom is energy blow up in step 8 resulting in an unusually large, erroneous HF/GFHFB2 energy and consequently an incorrect G4 total energy.

Owens login nodes are impacted due to switch replacement on Thursday, Jan 17, 2019

We will perform the replacement work of Ethernet switches from 12pm to 3pm on Thursday, Jan 17, which includes all login nodes and 2 quick nodes on Owens. As a result, users won't be able to log into Owens at the beginning and end of the maintenance work, and won't be able to use Owens VDI through OnDemand during the entire maintenance window. Running jobs on Owens, as well as other OSC services (Pitzer, Ruby, and fileystems) won't be impacted.