Libraries not compatible with cxx17

Libraries for intel/18.0.3 and intel/17.0.7 are not compatible with cxx17.

Intel compilers need gnu library to support 2017 ISO C++ standard, and cxx17 is the module to load the gnu environment for the intel compilers.

You could have errors when you try to compile with the libraries with the default intel environment.

=== update ===

We fixed the issue on Sep 19, 2018. Please contact OSC Help if you have any questions. 

abaqus with UMAT

On Owens, usage of user-defined material (UMAT) script for abaqus is limited as following:

abaqus 2017: correctly running on single and multi-nodes

abaqus 6.14 and 2016: correctly running only on a single node


Resolved: We confirmed that this is an issue on the old versions only. The software page indicates this issue. missing on Oakley

Update:  We think this is fixed.  Please submit a ticket if you encounter further problems.


As a result of updates made during yesterday's downtime, software built with mvapich2/1.7 is failing with the error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

We're working on fixing the problem.

Problems with LAMMPS 14May16

LAMMPS 14May16 was built with the USER-OMP package on Oakley, Ruby, and Owens. Its default behavior is to spawn too many OpenMP threads. lammps/14May16 batch scripts that do not use the USER-OMP package should set the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable to 1 as a workaround, e.g.:
for Bourne type shells and
for C type shells.

Problems with MVAPICH2

Some MVAPICH2 MPI installations on Oakley, Ruby, and Owens, such as the default module mvapich2/2.2 as well as mvapich2/2.1, appear to have a bug that is triggered by certain programs.  The symptoms are 1) the program hangs or 2) the program fails with an error related to Allreduce or Bcast.