Puzzle Image Processing Project

Quilt Scramble Squares®

bdazzle, inc., produces a line of puzzles called Scramble Squares®. b.dazzle has graciously consented to let OSC feature its puzzles in an image processing project for SI 2006.


Scramble Squares® puzzles have nine square pieces which need to be arranged into a larger square so that adjoining edges have matching features. The goal of this project is to solve the puzzle using a computer.

You will be supplied several digitized puzzles. Each will be comprised of nine separate images. You will also get an example program which doesn't quite work. Your puzzle solver will need to read in the nine images and logically rearrange the pieces as it attempts to match adjoining squares. You will explore some simple pattern matching techniques which you will use to decide how the pieces fit together.

The final step will be to produce a bedazzling video demonstrating how you solved the puzzle.

You will need some programming experience in any language. For this project you will be using Matlab and will receive some training in this language.



Sam Bair is the group leader for the Puzzle Image Porcessing project. His office is in OSC, Room 305, phome 614-292-2478.

For assistance, write si-contact@osc.edu or call 614-292-0890.