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My information

  • Name: Ellen
  • Hometown: Columbus
  • Landuse: Urban

My field trip to the Big Darby creek

How deep was the water?
The water got up to a little above knee high
in the pools and as shallow as my ankles.

What type of Chemicals measurements did you take?
We took measurements of the Ph levels, the Phosophates and Nitrogen levels and IbI and IcI levels

Were there any unusal results?
I did not find any unusal results

Did you catch any fish? If so , what kind were they?
I did not find any fish but the electrofishers found darters.

My project

Our project about the Upper Little Miami is available here and you can got to google.

for my project my group drew the Upper Little Miami River.
It is Located in the Dayton area.
Interesting facts

Project team

Name hometown landuse
Jenna East Liberty Rural
Rachel Hilliard Urban

Top 3 favoritethings about camp

  1. Meeting new friends, teachers and chaperones
  2. The good food
  3. Games and activities