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My Infomation

  • Name: Liz
  • Hometome: Bowling Green, OH
  • Land Use: Urban

My Field Trip to Big Darby Creek

We went to Big Darby Creek where we tested 
for chemicals in the water and caught macroinvertebrates. I caught many Water Pennies and a few Crayfish. Later in the day we hiked a trail to see Bison, but unfortunately, none were out. After that we used a machine to put the YWSI logo on our tote bags. Then we went to an arboretum and learned about roof gardens and different trees and flowers. Our last activity of the day then was a tour around OSU. Tuesday was one of my favorite days!

Project Infomation

The Project Presentation is available here.

I use google to learn more about HTML.

Here's the webpage that i created: .Zip

Here is ywsi.

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Sophia Athens, Ohio Urban
Julia Marietta, Ohio Urban


Top 5 Favorite Things about YWSI

    1.    Meeting new friends!
    2.    Going to Big Darby Creek
    3.    Finding people who like One Direction as much as I do!
    4.    Eating dinner and breakfast in the Commons
    5.    All the fun times we had in the dorm room