All ACLs lost in Home Directories after 6/7 downtime

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 6:00pm

All ACLs set within the Home Directory filesystem (/nfs/##) were lost during the 6/7 downtime.  This was caused by the migration to a new server that does not support the old POSIX ACLs.

Migrating the ACLs was not possible due to both the fact POSIX ACLs are not easily translatable to NFSv4 ACLs, and none of our tools supported such a migration.

Users who had ACLs on files and directories in home directories set will need to re set these ACLs.  No records of the old ACLs are preserved, so users will need to know where ACLs were set previously.

The POSIX ACL tools (getfacl, setfacl, etc) are no longer available.  Users will need to use the NFSv4 ACL tools (nfs4_setfacl, nfs4_getfacl, etc).  Complete documentation on the new tools can be found via the man pages:

man nfs4_acl

man nfs4_getfacl

man nfs4_setfacl