Ohio Supercomputer Center Virtual Surgery Project Awarded a Place in Smithsonian

Washington, D.C
Jun 4, 1996


Section of Skull VisualizationThe Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) is one of five Ohio-based organizations to be nominated for a 1996 Computerworld Smithsonian Award (CWSA) -- awards that include innovative technology applications in medicine, science, business and education. Widely-recognized as the premier awards program in the information technology (IT) industry, CWSA honors corporations, organizations, and individuals who create positive change in our society through technology.

As a nominee for a 1996 CWSA for Innovative Technology Award, the work of the Biomedical Applications Research Initiative at the Ohio Supercomputer Center is accorded a place in history in the Smithsonian Institution's permanent research collection. Information on all of the nominations is available at The Information Age: People, Information & Technology, a permanent exhibit at the National Museum of American History; and in the Innovations Network, the CWSA World Wide Web site.

Dr. Charlie Bender, OSC director, and Don Stredney, OSC senior research scientist, accepted a medal of recognition at the Formal Presentation Ceremony at the Smithsonian Institution on June 4, 1996.

Nominated by Cray Research, Inc., OSC's project, Virtual Surgery, combined the use of sight, sound, and touch to increase the scientist's and clinician's ability to absorb and understand the vast amounts of data produced by modern medical technology. Chairmen of 100 of the nation's leading IT companies nominate innovative applications in 10 categories for Computerworld Smithsonian Awards: Business and Related Services; Education and Real Estate; government and Non-Profit Organizations; Manufacturing; Media, Arts and Entertainment; Medicine; Science; and Transportation.

"The nominees for the 1996 Computerworld Smithsonian Awards are true pioneers who are developing the technologies that will shape the future of our society in the Information Age," said Dr. David K. Allison, Chairman of the Information Technology and Society Group at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. "Their involvement in this program is helping the Smithsonian to build a national historical record of technological innovation as well as bringing the appropriate recognition to each nominee."

Established in 1989, the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards were created to search out and publicly honor those men and women who are using information technology across a spectrum of industries to make our planet a more humane, healthy, and cooperative place to live. In celebrating their achievements, CWSA helps to demystify technology and empowers people to use technology as a tool for positive change.Since 1987, OSC has been advancing the use of high-performance computing and communications resources. OSC positions Ohio universities and industries at the forefront of scientific research, development and engineering.

The Computerworld Smithsonian Awards are on the Internet in the Innovations Network, http://innovate.si.edu.