OSC's K-12 Summer Programs Now Accepting Applications

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jan 25, 2006) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center's (OSC) summer education programs -- the Young Women's Summer Institute (YWSI) and Summer Institute (SI) -- are now accepting applications for summer 2006.

YWSI is a weeklong program for Ohio's middle-school girls. It is designed to promote computer, math, and science skills as well as provide hands-on learning.

YWSI is open to students who are currently sixth and seventh graders. Girls will be selected for OSC's program in Columbus, Ohio, Kent State University's program in Kent, Ohio, and Wittenberg University's program in Springfield, Ohio. Teachers are also encouraged to apply.

OSC and Kent State University's YWSI will be held on July 30-August 5, and Wittenberg University's YWSI on July 16-22. Students and teachers interested in YWSI may visit www.osc.edu/ywsi, email ywiscontact@osc.edu, or call (614) 247-7099 for more information.

SI, a program sponsored by OSC and The Ohio State University in Columbus, is a two-week summer camp for Ohio's brightest high school freshmen and sophomores. Participants are selected via a competitive application process and experience the dynamic fields of high performance computing and networking firsthand. Teachers are also invited to participate.

SI participants have the opportunity to enjoy fun field trips with a science spin. Students also experience a day of learning about team building while navigating obstacle and rope courses at the Adventure Education Center.

SI will be held on July 17-28. To complete an SI student or teacher application, please see www.osc.edu/si, email si-contact@osc.edu, or call (614) 292-0890.

The application deadline for all SI and YWSI programs is Friday, April 14, 2006, at noon.

OSC is accepting donations for YWSI and SI. For more information, please see http://www.osc.edu/ywsi/support.shtml or http://www.osc.edu/si/support.shtml.