Accounts Under Multiple Projects Required to Specify Project

Friday, February 12, 2016 - 1:00pm

During the 2/9/16 downtime a change was made to the functionality of qsub affecting all users.

This change requires all user accounts that are a part of multiple projects to specify the project they wish to charge job charges to.  If such a user attempts to submit a job without specifying a project to charge the job charges to the job will not be submitted and an error message will be provided.

User accounts that are a part of only a single project will see a change in qsub's behavior as well.  When submitting a job qsub will now print a informative message letting the user know that the job's project has set to their only project.  

Users who are unsure of how many research projects they are a part of can check their project membership by using the id command to view a full list of their username's Linux group memberships and count the number of unique research projects listed.  Research project are represented in the Linux group membership list by those entries that start with a P and follow the general format of PAS0000 or similar.

In the following example osu0000 is a part of two research projects: PAS0000 and PZS0001.

$ id osu0000

uid=5(osu0000) gid=10(PAS0000) groups=10(PAS0000),11(PZS0001),3241(lstc),3140(ansys),3141(fluent),3153(abaqus),3467(stata),3572(comsol),3990(sts),4428(molpro)


Users can specify the project to chage to by using the -A flag in one of two ways:

​Modify Job Script


Add the following PBS directive (lines that start with #PBS) with the rest of your jobs PBS directives:

#PBS -A PAS0000
Specify Option at Submission Time

Add the -A option to your qsub command:

qsub -A PAS0000 ...