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myosc version 2.5-2.6


MyOSC client portal update

Version 2.5-2.6 summary

PI can view unofficial statements throughout the month

A new table is created which allows a PI to view an unofficial statement of the current period's usage which has not been billed yet. See billing statements page.

Yearly project review

A new check was added for PIs to review their project users and special properties annually.

All users can enable duo mfa

Using the self-enroll feature of duo, users can register their own devices without osc intervention.

Project details view for  budgets

Show 'unlimited budget', 'no budget' or amount remaining of a limited budget.

Dashboard updates

add column for  FYTD $
added budget balance column
Unlimited budget has - instead of a value in budget column

Request storage change button

Added back to project details to allow updates to storage amount without replacing a budget.