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MyOSC Version 3.0 - Charge Accounts

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 10:00am

New version update with Charge Accounts added.

Charge accounts are a restructuring of the Service Agreements, which are a way for project owners to group projects together.

The changes charge accounts bring are the ability to further group projects in a hierarchical way. For example, there is an insititution (name 'example institution') that would like to view the usage of two different colleges where many PI's utilize OSC resources (college A and college B). Charge Accounts will accomplish this by grouping PI's in the same college:

Example Institution

College A Charge Account
|_ <PI charge accounts under college a>

College B Charge Account
|_ <PI charge accounts under college b>

See link for more info, Creating a charge account.

Recommended actions for existing PI's

Visit MyOSC and check the existing charge accounts using navigation bar and selecting Charge account, then Charge account list.

Click the first column of a charge account row to view details on that charge account. The below sections are only relevant for open charge accounts where projects under them will be used in the current fiscal year.

Verify parent charge account

Click the Actions button, then Columns. Find Parent display name, and move it to the "Display in Report" side using the "move" button ">". Click Apply.

The table now shows the name of the parent charge account for all listed charge accounts. If there is a charge account that you own which should not have a particular parent, then please contact OSC help for assistance.

Update display name

View the details of the charge account and then edit the display name as you want. The default names are just a listing of the projects under that charge account. Make sure to click the save button when finished.