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Ohio’s strengths in basic and applied research are broad and deep, spanning a multitude of fields, such as economics, sociology, computer science, automotive design and signal processing. This spectrum of Ohio Supercomputer Center clients encompasses many fields of study.

Data Management

The more genetics researchers learn about the building blocks of life, the more data they produce. This is a great problem to have – the more they know, and the more detail in which they know it, the better we can treat diseases at the individual level, streamline screening processes and create targeted pharmaceuticals.

Data Analysis

Whether it’s the ability to predict and respond to natural disasters, analyze brain imaging data, or understanding social network information, scientific researchers and engineers are increasingly turning to high performance computing (HPC) to tackle design obstacles or study real-world phenomena.

Genetic Mutation

Charis Eng, M.D., Ph.D., takes a gene-informed approach to personalized risk assessment and medical management of her patients and families. Her patient-focused research in genes, when altered, or mutated, associating with specific clinical features, such as cancer and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), provides the scientific evidence on which she practices precision medicine.

Inventive Activity

The 1960s Soviet/U.S. space race put men on the moon but also developed basic technologies that would result in subsequent breakthrough inventions in related fields: prosthetics, water purifiers, freeze-dried foods, satellite television, memory foam and many more. These advances were wrought from federally funded research and today serve the interests of broad swaths of the general public.

Nanostructure Defects

Hamed Attariani’s lab can’t look past the flaws in the materials they study – and that’s exactly the point. Attariani, assistant professor in Wright State University’s department of mechanical and material engineering, is flipping the script in the field of nanostructures by exploring how inherent defects in materials could enhance their mechanical properties rather than deteriorate them.

Precision Medicine

The world of personalized medicine is rapidly expanding, with advances in DNA sampling, expanded patient charts and more creating individualized treatment plans for more diseases and conditions every day. A researcher and his team at the University of Cincinnati are currently making way for precision medicine – in the mind.

Training & Education

More than 200 clients attended OSC training sessions this past year, most at their home institution. OSC training and education experts visit campuses all around the state to provide personalized instruction, facilitate classroom projects, train students on the basics of supercomputing, and demonstrate OSC’s broad service offerings.

Client Services

OSC employs subject-matter experts to assist with individual client requests. For any issues that arise, OSC’s 24/7 support desk is available to respond to client inquiries at any hour of any day. Level 2 and 3 support is available during normal business hours.

Cluster Computing