We will have a rolling reboot of login and compute nodes of Owens cluster starting from Monday, April 16, 2018.

Users may have been experiencing job failures on Owens cluster since April 16, 2018

Brief interruption of batch services on 4/17


On April 17th 2013, at roughly 2PM, we will be rebooting the batch server on the Oakley cluster. Running jobs will not be affected, but there will be a brief disruption in scheduling, as well as the functionality of programs that communicate with the batch server (such as qsub or qstat) during the duration of the reboot.

This disruption is expected to be very short, and will be transparent to users unless you attempt to submit a job or view the queue during the outage. No other service disruptions are anticipated.

We will mark this issue as "Resolved" when we have confirmed everything is back up and running.