Possible performance degradation after August 9th's downtime

To prepare for expansion of the IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS), the data transfer is switched from InfiniBand (IB) verbsRDMA to IP over IB (IPoIB) after August 9th's downtime. This may cause some impact to the job performance.

Disabling verbsRDMA is only temporary and we will re-enable it in the next couple months once we're able to upgrade the HPC clusters to a version of the InfiniBand libraries compatible with the ESS upgrades/expansion. 

Please contact OSC Help if you see any issue or have any questions.

Very little free space for metadata on the scratch storage /fs/scratch

Updated 15:30 October 19:

The issue of little space for metadata on scratch storage is resolved. If you have any questions, please contact OSC Help

Original Post:

The scratch storage /fs/scratch has very little free space for metadata starting from Saturday, October 16. This may result in the failure of file or directory creations on /fs/scratch.