HOWTO: Use Address Sanitizer

Address Sanitizer is a tool developed by Google detect memory access error such as use-after-free and memory leaks. It is built into GCC versions >= 4.8 and can be used on both C and C++ codes. Address Sanitizer uses runtime instrumentation to track memory allocations, which mean you must build your code with Address Sanitizer to take advantage of it's features.

There is extensive documentation on the AddressSanitizer Github Wiki.

GNU Compilers

Fortran, C and C++ compilers produced by the GNU Project. 

Availability and Restrictions


GNU compilers are available on all our clusters. These are the versions currently available:

Compilation Guide

As a general recommendation, we suggest selecting the newest compilers available for a new project. For repeatability, you may not want to change compilers in the middle of an experiment.

Pitzer Compilers

The Skylake processors that make up Pitzer support the AVX512 instruction set, but you must set the correct compiler flags to take advantage of it. AVX512 has the potential to speed up your code by a factor of 8 or more, depending on the compiler and options you would otherwise use.