YWSI Teacher Application

Teachers, join us at YWSI!

YWSI is a week-long program for Ohio middle school girls offered by the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC). YWSI promotes computer, math, science and engineering skills through hands-on experiences. YWSI helps girls develop an interest in these subjects by allowing them to work on an interesting and practical scientific problem using the latest computer technology.


YWSI will boost your teaching career by allowing you to:

  • Receive a generous stipend for a week's work
  • Earn CEU credit
  • Gain practical experience in project-based teaching
  • Use real data to teach and conduct research
  • Learn to effectively integrate technology into classroom activities
  • Work with exceptional middle school girls
  • Meet outstanding women of achievement who can serve as resources during the school year
  • Learn how technology and data can be used with project-based learning
  • Pick up hands-on experience exploring the Big Darby Creek watershed, a national scenic river
  • Gain positive personal experiences
  • Have fun!

Applications are accepted January through early April.

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