SI Application

Applicants must be Ohio residents currently in their freshman, sophomore or junior years of high school at the time of application.


For More Information:
Call (614) 292-9248 or email

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The application process includes a series of questions and short essay responses. Please note that drafts cannot be saved and returned to later. To enhance your experience, we recommend using external software for drafting essays in advance. The entire application process typically takes approximately one hour from start to finish.

Find the essay questions to prepare beforehand below:

  • Why would you be a good candidate for the program? (Max Length 1500 Characters)
  • How might you benefit from participation in the program? (Max Length 1500 Characters)
  • Give an example of your work on a group project. Describe your role, any successes, and how you handled any frustrations. (Max Length 3000 Characters)
  • Please look at the past student projects in the archives on this website and detail which ones are of interest to you and why. (Max Length 3000 Characters)


Please select which Summer Institute session you are applying to. You have the option to apply for either session, or both, and can express a preference between the two. As there is limited capacity, individuals indicating availability for either program enhance their chances of acceptance.
Student Information
Please write your name in phonetic spelling or create a your name badge at
This information will only be used to determine participant’s room assignment. OSC is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all participants. If you have any specific requests or preferences related to your gender identity or your room assignment, please feel free contact us. Your comfort and well-being is important to us, and we will do our best to make this experience enjoyable for everyone.
Please also include your preferred pronouns.
If you do not have your own phone, please include your parent or legal guardian's phone number.
School Information
Additional Questions
While staying in the dorms is not a requirement of the program, nearly everyone, including those who live here in central Ohio, tend to choose that option. Our 30+ years of experience offering this program has repeatedly shown that the participants that do not stay in the dorms often feel a bit left out and partially disappointed in their decision. We have a variety of supervised evening social activities that the participants can pick and choose from over the course of the program, making the experience not only academic but also social, exposing them to a small taste of college life.
Parent or Guardian / Emergency Contact 1
Parent or Guardian / Emergency Contact 2
Parent or Guardian / Emergency Contact 3
Teacher / Mentor

Summer Institute applications require a teacher/mentor recommendation. We will email the teacher/mentor you identify below with instructions for submitting a recommendation.

Please remember this email is sent automatically and can often get stuck in the spam folder. Please ensure you contact this individual independently to make them aware of the request and to advise them to check their spam folder for any email from

If you wish, you may use the language below when contacting the individual:

Subject: Important Recommendation Request from OSC

Hi [Recipient's Name],

I hope you are doing well. I'm reaching out because I've listed you as a reference for my application to [Summer Institute or Youth Watershed Summer Institute]. The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) has sent you an important email, requesting a brief recommendation, consisting of a few short questions, submitted through a webform. There's a possibility that this email might have been misdirected to your spam folder. Would you kindly take a moment to review your spam folder and mark it as "Not Spam" if you locate it?

Thank you for your support and time.

Best regards,
[Your Name]


Your teacher must complete their recommendation by April 7.

If you are unable to obtain your teacher's email address, please contact for assistance.

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