Tina's Webpage

My Information

  • Name: Tina Y. Liu
  • Hometown: Westerville
  • Land Use: Suburban

My Field Trip to Big Darby

On Tuesday, we went to Big Darby Creek and it was really fun.
The water I went in was only one to two feet.
We tested the pH, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrate, Phosphate, Total hardness and dissolved Oxygen.
We went electro fishing and saw all kinds of fish.

Project Information

The project presentation is available here.

Our team chose to evaluate the land use’ effect on the habitat.

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Tina Westerville Suburban
Bailey Liberty Township Suburban
Elli Clintonville Suburban

Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  1. The Food
  2. The Water Test
  3. Career Night