Aubrey's YWSI Experience!

My Information

  • Name: Aubrey
  • Hometown: Bowling Green
  • Hometown's Land Use: Rural

My Field Trip to Big Darby

Approx. 3 ft. deep

We tested....

  • temperature
  • pH
  • DO
  • Hardness
  • ...and much more!

We didn't recieve many unusual results
Didn't get fish, but lots of macroinvertebrates.

Project Information

Our team picked the East Fork Little Miami watershed.

The project presentation is available here.
Then here is a link to google.

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Aubrey Bowling Green Rural
Becina Upper Arlington Suburban
Kirsten Cincinatti Urban

Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  1. The Big Darby trip
  2. Staying in the dorms
  3. Meeting many new friends