Annalese's Webpage


My Infomation

  • Name: Annalese
  • Hometome: Reynoldsburg, OH
  • Land Use: Suburban

My Field Trip to Big Darby Creek

We went to Big Darby Creek and 
counted lots of marcoinvertebrates.
 Aslo we tested the water at the creek.
 After that we went on a bison hike.

Project Infomation

The Project Presentation is available here.

I use google to learn more about HTML.

Here's the webpage that i created: .Zip

Here is ywsi.

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Madison Kettering Ohio Suburban
Akanksha Dublin, Ohio Suburban


Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  1. Walking in Big Darby Creek
  2. Watching Madison and Prapti dance on the bus
  3. Testing the water samples

Fun Times :p

First fun time was when we all started to say hi 2
strangers on the streets and i thier cars. Next one, was when we saw the creepy guy in a speedo at the pool.
 It was freaky and disturbing. Another disturbing thing was when we saw this 
guy in spandex shorts at breakfast XP