Julia's Webpage


My Infomation

  • Name: Julia
  • Hometome: Marietta, OH
  • Land Use: Urban
  • Favorite sweet: Chocolate ice cream
  • Favorite animal: Koala Bear
  • Favorite color: Magenta or Light Blue
  • Favorite activites: Travel Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Trac
  • Favorite mood: Happy :D

My Field Trip to Big Darby Creek

We went to Big Darby Creek and counted lots of bugs It was a lot of fun! My group caught lots of interesting macroinvertebrates. I thought going out into the water was the best part! However, I thought doing the chemical projects was also fun too :)

Project Infomation

The Project Presentation is available here.

I use google to learn more about HTML.

Here's the webpage that i created: .Zip

Here is ywsi.

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Liz Bowling Green, Ohio Urban
Sophia Athens, Ohio Urban


Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  1. Having fun with everyone :)
  2. Staying in a dorm with a roommate
  3. Eating ice cream at the Commons