From Milan, Edison holds 1,093 patents, more than any other American. Three of Edison’s most famed inventions are the light bulb, the phonograph, and the kinetoscope, an early version of a film projector. Edison’s inventions forever changed the way American’s work and live.

Supporting Defense Department security, computing needs by improving data transfer methods along multiple paths

The Department of Defense, like many companies and organizations, have leveraged the advances in supercomputing to compute increasingly complex and large computational problems. File sizes have equally expanded with the growth in computing power, especially if the files contain very large sets of data.

Computer models predict traffic accident ‘hot spots’ for Ohio

An Ohio State University statistics expert used the powerful machines of the Ohio Supercomputer Center to design a program that identifies traffic accident hotspots on Ohio’s roadways. Christopher Holloman, Ph.D., produced color-coded computer models to tell state troopers where fatal and injury accidents, especially those from speeding and drunk driving, are most likely to occur.

Bridging the worlds of pathology, genetics and cancer treatment

The story unfolds all too frequently. Parents, worried about their baby’s fever and severe abdominal pain, visit the emergency room — then learn their precious child has neuroblastoma, a debilitating pediatric cancer. As little as two years ago, all children with neuroblastoma received the exact same treatment: Chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, surgery and radiation.