Statewide Users Group (SUG) Conference - April 14, 2022

SUG Conference - April 14, 2021


This table contains details of the sessions of the Fall 2021 SUG Conference, including time and subject matter.
Time Session
10:00 a.m - 12 p.m.

Keynote Address:
Jeff McVeigh, Super Compute Group at the Intel Corporation
VP and GM

OSC Update

12 - 12:30 p.m. Break
12:30 - 2:30 p.m.  Flash Talks + Poster Session


Thanks to the generosity of Intel, all attendees can order lunch to be delivered. Sometime between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m., log in to the Zoom link you were emailed to receive the voucher. 

Speaker Bio

Jeff McVeigh's career has focused on enriching lives through the magic of Intel technologies and products, starting with the earliest days of Internet video (late 90's) and culminating today in bringing Intel's high-performance computing and visual cloud product lines to life. He has worked with the brightest minds to create industry-shaping technologies and products including multiple generations of Intel integrated graphics, Intel's first server GPU, OpenVINO inference engine, and oneAPI programming model and toolkits.

In his current role, he is responsible for Intel's Super Compute Group, which encompasses Intel's HPC and datacenter GPU business and products with a software-first approach to enable developers to realize the value of Intel's Xeon and Xe GPU architectures.

Jeff was recently named one of HPCwire's People to Watch 2022

Poster Presentations/Flash Talks

    1. Andrew Paluch, Miami University (Poster): Predicting octanol/water partition coefficients using molecular simulation for the SAMPL7 challenge: comparing the use of neat a

    2. Eric Hantz, The Ohio State University (Poster): Actives-Based Receptor Selection Strongly Increases Success Rate in Structure-Based Drug Design

    3. Caroline Wheeler, The Ohio State University Medical Center (Poster): The tumor microbiome correlates with response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in renal cell carcinoma
    4. Anish Chougule, Youngstown State University (Flash Talk): Optimization of Real-time 3D Object Detection Inference in Point Clouds
    5. Emily Fairchild, Ohio University (Flash Talk): Designing Peptides to Inhibit the T-Box Riboswitch
    6. Aurelia Moses, Youngstown State University (Flash Talk): The Mechanism of Proton Transport in Ionic Liquid Systems
    7. Dan Spakowicz, The Ohio State University (Flash Talk): Exogenous sequences in unmapped tumor transcriptome data