OnDemand 2.1 - Issue downloading large directories

There is an issue with OnDemand or Awesim after the new release when downloading directories that are large in size.

Users may encouter issues downloading large directories. Staff are working to patch OnDemand for the issue. While the system is impacted, users should download files individually.

We apologize for the inconviencence while we try to correct the system.

Use this link to restart your web server if you have attempted to download a large directory and the system has become unstable.

weld predictor - slurm account error

Updated on 09/08/2022:

Users can choose the project code from a dropdown list to use. 

Original Post:

Users of weld predictor software in ondemand will receive an error when trying to start these jobs.

The error shows:

Simulation failed to be submitted ... sbatch:error job failed to be submitted
Job invalid: must specify account for job
sbatch error


Create file ~/.slurm/defaults and add entry for account.

Jupyter security issue Aug. 13, 2021

Please do not run any Jupyter applications at OSC until further notice due to a security vulnerability.

OSC will update JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook applications to rectify this as soon as possible.

List of versions changed:

  • 0.35: removed because there is no official patch release.
  • 1.2: upgraded to 1.2.21
  • 2.1: replaced with 2.2.10 because there is no official patch release.
  • 3.0: upgraded to 3.0.17

References for more information: