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    Deepthi Thumuluri

My Field Trip to Big Darby

In certain areas the water was up to my thighs.
We did some chemical tests to see how much pH, Nitrates, Phosphates,Dissolved Oxygen, Hardness of the water, and Carbon Dioxide.
All of our data was data we expected, nothing out of the ordinary.
We found fish, but only very little ones, such as darters.

Project Information

The project will be available here and will be accessable on google.

We got the Stillwater River Watershed, and we havew learned many different things about the watershed. Stillwater is in west central Ohio, to be contd.

Team Members

    Caitlyn, Sonia, Jenny and I doing a chemical test.
Name Hometown Land Use
Caitlyn Baird Zanesfield Rural
Sonia Pattisam Dublin Urban

My Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  1. The good food

  2. The other girls

  3. Capture the Flag