Sophia's Webpage


My Infomation

  • Name: Sophia
  • Hometome: Athens, OH
  • Land Use: Urban
  • Favorite foods: Beef Jerky, Brownies, steak
  • Favorite colors: Purple (mostly dark purple), maroon, black
  • Favorite music/bands: Maroon 5, ABBA, Jason Mraz, Nancy Agram, Ruby
  • Favorite animal: ALL ANIMALS
  • Hobbies: Reading, drawing and other art, tennis, being with friends

My Field Trip to Big Darby Creek

We went to Big Darby Creek and counted lots of bugs. We took kick nets into the river 
and two people stuck the two poles of the net into the rocks so the net was slanted vertically in the water. 
Then the other two people did the Darby Shuffle to lift up the rocks and mud to catch all of the critters. 
Once we were satisfied, we took the net back to the shore and picked out as many of the macroinvertebrates 
as we could. We found larvae, crayfish, water pennies, and lots more. We also tested the water by using 
different chemical tests to measure things like the dissolved oxygen, nitrogen levels, PH, and the hardness of 
the water.

Project Infomation

The Project Presentation is available here.

I use google to learn more about HTML.

Here's the webpage that i created: .Zip

Here is ywsi.

Team Members

Name Hometown Land Use
Liz Bowling Green, Ohio Urban
Julia Marietta, Ohio Urban


Top 3 Favorite Things about YWSI

  1. Tour of Campus (seeing the big tree)
  2. Chemically testing the water samples
  3. Making new friends for life