MyOSC budget balance may not be correct



Version 3.0.1 was deployed which patches this issue. View the changelog for details.

Original post

A budget set on a project in MyOSC may not be reporting an accurate balance. This can include compute and storage usage. The impact is that your budget balance may be higher than expected for your actual utilization.
Note: job and storage quota accounting is working as it should, meaning statements and bills will be correct.
Note: the budget balance is as of the previous day.

Are you impacted?

Impact varies. If you have project storage, you are more likely to be impacted. If you do not have project storage, you are probably not impacted.

What can I do?

If only a single $1,000 budget was submitted this fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) on a project, and the credit is depleted, while the budget is not, then the budget may be incorrect. Contact OSC Help for assistance in this case.

For a more in-depth check on a budget:

1. Determine your budget start date

MyOSC > Project > Project List > Select Project > Budgets > See Start date of active budget

The cost of jobs and storage since the start date of the project can be used to calculate what the budget should currently be.

2. Calculate your costs since the budget was activated

Utilization: HPC Job Activity table or OSCusage command to calculate the dollar charges since the budget start date. The data available is based on the previous day’s uploads. (Make sure that the start date matches the start date of the budget).

Project storage: email OSCHelp; this information is not readily available with the current features of MyOSC.

Budgets do not consider discounts or billing credits – you can ignore these.

3. Subtract costs from the budget award. If this does not match your remaining balance, you are impacted.

More information on MyOSC terms (budget, credit, etc.).

Please contact OSCHelp if there are questions.