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Outbound Emails from MyOSC are Blocked at MS 365 Servers

Outbound emails, including account verification emails, from MyOSC to institutional email addresses utilizing MS 365 are being blocked as phishing attempts at the institution's server.

Who is impacted: most institutional email addresses utilizing MS 365, aside from OSU.

Workaround for new accounts: use Gmail/Yahoo/etc. email address, and update your email address on your account profile once the issue is fixed or your username is created. 

We are currently working towards a fix for this issue.

Usage overview graph for storage

The project storage section for usage overview displays a graph with a percentage for the amount of storage used. Although the values above the graph are correct, the graph itself shows 100%.



This graph can be seen by selecting usage details of a project on the dashboard or selecting usage overview from the project details page.