client portal

Negative Balance Emails

Negative balance emails continue to be sent once an application is submitted.

To confirm whether or not you have truly submitted an application for additional resources and that you can safely ignore these emails, please do the following:

1) contact OSC Help (


1) log in to the Client Portal (

2) Project > Project Allocations 

3) confirm you have a REQUESTED or IN_REVIEW allocation (NEW means it still needs to be submitted to the Committee)


Password Expiration Emails

Password expiration notices are still being sent after you change your password.

To ensure your password change date has been updated and the account will not expire, please look at your profile in the Client Portal:

1) Log in at

2) Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner.

3) Confirm the date on which your password will expire. This is on the right-hand side in the middle. 

Application Errors

When beginning a major or discovery-level application for resources at OSC, you are asked for a required justification on the Additional Documents page. However, there is no mechanism for you to upload these documents and you cannot move forward to submit the application.

Our developers are working on a fix.

There is a workaround:

Incorrect RU Balances

RESOLVED 2/20/2019

We deployed a new version of the Client Portal during our downtime on Tuesday, 2/5, and a bug has been introduced.

The Client Portal ( and OSCUsage commands may show incorrect RU balances. If you have had a project award December 1, 2018 through February 5, 2019, your project is impacted.

This does NOT impact your work; negative balances penalties will NOT be applied.
Please continue your work as you normally would.

We are actively working on fixing this issue.