HOWTO: Debugging Tips

This article focuses on debugging strategies for C/C++ codes, but many are applicable to other languages as well.

Rubber Duck Debugging

This approach is a great starting point. Say you have written some code, and it does not do what you expect it to do. You have stared at it for a few minutes, but you cannot seem to spot the problem.

Pitzer Expansion Early User Program

In preparation for the deployment of the new hardware as well as the Slurm migration on Pitzer in fall 2020, OSC would like to invite all members of the client community to participate in the Pitzer Expansion Early User Program in order to test the functionality of new hardware, including Dual GPU and Quad GPU features, and test the new Slurm scheduler and its TORQUE/Moab compatibility. Jobs that are eligible for the early user program will not be charged and there is no registration required, all OSC users are eligible.