Critical change about using $PFSDIR directory at OSC

Starting from Thursday, Feb 2nd, the $PFSDIR directory on scratch (/fs/scratch) won’t be created by job prologue. For example, if you simply use the command cd $PFSDIR, you will get an error indicating that this directory does not exist. The reason we are making this change is to address recent problems with the batch environments on OSC’s clusters. You will have to create the $PFSDIR directory by yourself if you use this directory. Please include the following additional lines in the job script.

If you use bash:

Issues with VDI through OnDemand

Update: Jan 23, 2017 3PM: this issue has been fixed. 

There is an issue with OSC OnDemand -> Desktops -> Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) such that you get "qsub: submit error ..." when you try to launch a VDI session (Oakley, Ruby, or Owens). Please use Desktops -> Interactive HPC instead. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. 



Brief interruption of batch services on 4/17

On April 17th 2013, at roughly 2PM, we will be rebooting the batch server on the Oakley cluster. Running jobs will not be affected, but there will be a brief disruption in scheduling, as well as the functionality of programs that communicate with the batch server (such as qsub or qstat) during the duration of the reboot.

This disruption is expected to be very short, and will be transparent to users unless you attempt to submit a job or view the queue during the outage. No other service disruptions are anticipated.

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