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Ohio’s bioscience researchers are leveraging the resources of the Ohio Supercomputer Center to gather and analyze massive amounts of genetic, molecular and environmental data to better understand human physiology, individualize diagnoses and treat diseases.

Using computational chemistry to understand oxygen-related diseases of the heart and lungs

The average person rarely considers the antithesis of life-sustaining oxygen. The molecule can, in certain situations, become an aggressive, toxic chemical. At the center of this about-face are oxygen-based radicals − generally called reactive oxygen species (ROS) − that have an unpaired electron.

Bridging the worlds of pathology, genetics and cancer treatment

The story unfolds all too frequently. Parents, worried about their baby’s fever and severe abdominal pain, visit the emergency room — then learn their precious child has neuroblastoma, a debilitating pediatric cancer. As little as two years ago, all children with neuroblastoma received the exact same treatment: Chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, surgery and radiation.