Messages from qsub

We have been adding some output from qsub that should aid you in creating better job scripts. We've documented the various messages here.


A "NOTE" message is informational; your job has been submitted, but qsub made some assumptions about your job that you may not have intended.

No account/project specified

Your job did not specify a project to charge against, but qsub was able to select one for you. Typically, this will be because your username can only charge against one project, but it may be because you specified a preference by setting the OSC_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT environment variable. The output should indicate which project was assumed to be the correct one; if it was not correct, you should delete the job and resubmit after setting the correct job in the job script using the -A flag. For example:

#PBS -A PZS0530

Replace PZS0530 with the correct project code. Explicitly setting the -A flag will cause this informational message to not appear.

No memory limit set

Your job did not specify an explicit memory limit. Since we limit access to memory based on the number of cores set, qsub set this limit on your behalf, and will have mentioned in the message what the memory limit was set to.

You can suppress this informational message by explicitly setting the memory limit. For example:

#PBS -l mem=4gb

Please remember that the memory to core ratios are different on each cluster we operate. Please review the main documentation page for the cluster you are using for more information.


A "ERROR" message indicates that your job was not submitted to the queue. Typically, this is because qsub is unsure of how to resolve an ambiguous setting in your job parameters. You will need to fix the problem in your job script, and resubmit.

You have not specified an account and have more than one available

Your username has the ability to charge jobs to more than one project, and qsub is unable to determine which one this job should be charged against. You can fix this by specifying the project using the -A flag. For example, you should add this line to your job script:

#PBS -A PZS0530

If you get this error, qsub will inform you of which projects you can charge against. Select the appropriate project, and replace "PZS0530" in the example above with the correct code.

You have the ability to tell qsub which project should be charged if no charge code is specified in the job script by setting the OSC_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT environment variable. For example, if you use the "bash" shell, you could put the line export OSC_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT=PZS0530, again replacing PZS0530 with the correct project code.

You have whitespace in a job name

Whitespace is not supported in TORQUE job names. Your job will be rejected with an error message if you submit a job with a space in the job name:

[xwang@owens-login02 torque_test]$ qsub job.txt 
ERROR:  Your job has not been submitted for the following reason:

        Script file "new" does not exist, requested job name has whitespace in it,
        or qsub command line is malformed.
qsub: Your job has been administratively rejected by the queueing system.
qsub: There may be a more detailed explanation prior to this notice.

You can fix this by removing whitespace in the job name.