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In late 2018, OSC installed 260 Intel® Xeon® 'Skylake' processor-based nodes as the original Pitzer cluster. In September 2020, OSC installed additional 398 Intel® Xeon® 'Cascade Lake' processor-based nodes as part of a Pitzer Expansion cluster.

Owens, Pitzer

This page documents the known issues for migrating jobs from Torque to Slurm.


Please be aware that $PBS_NODEFILE is a file while $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST is a string variable. 

The analog on Slurm to cat $PBS_NODEFILE is srun hostname | sort -n 

Owens, Pitzer

How to Submit Interactive jobs

There are different ways to submit interactive jobs.

Using qsub

qsub command is patched locally to handle the interactive jobs. So mostly you can use the qsub command as before:

Using ngbrader in Jupyter

Install nbgrader

You can install nbgrader in a notebook:

OSC provide an isolated and custom Jupyter environment for each classroom project that requires Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab. 

Owens, Pitzer

Submit Jobs

Use Torque/Moab Command Slurm Equivalent
Submit batch job qsub <jobscript> sbatch <jobscript>
Submit interactive job qsub -I [options]

sinteractive [options]

salloc [options]

Owens, Pitzer
Owens, Pitzer


Slurm, which stands for Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management, is a widely used open-source HPC resource management and scheduling system that originated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Ohio academics should visit the fee structure page for pricing information.
All others should contact OSC Sales for pricing information.
If there are questions/concerns on charging at OSC, please contact OSC Help.

Job charging based on usage