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Owens, Pitzer

OSC clients who are affiliated with Ohio State can deploy their own endpoint on a server using OSU subscriptions. Please follow the steps below:

Manage users on a project

The PI of a project can manage the users on their projects. Note, that PIs are not automatically added as authorized users under their project(s).

Managing users on the project includes inviting, adding and removing users to the project as well as increasing a user's privileges on a project so that they can assist with the management of it.

Owens, Pitzer

This article discusses memory tuning strategies for VASP.

Data Distribution

Typically the first approach for memory sensitive VASP issues is to tweak the data distribution (via NCORE or NPAR). The information at covers a variety of machines. OSC has fast communications via Infiniband. 

Owens, Pitzer

This article focuses on debugging strategies for C/C++ codes, but many are applicable to other languages as well.

Rubber Duck Debugging

This approach is a great starting point. Say you have written some code, and it does not do what you expect it to do. You have stared at it for a few minutes, but you cannot seem to spot the problem.


OSC has entered an agreement with OSU College of Medicine (CoM) to provide dedicated compute services. Researchers from CoM will have access to Pitzer cluster, whose hardware is described below.  


Pitzer node specifications for CoM dedicated compute are:


This document is obsoleted and kept as a reference to previous Pitzer programming environment. Please refer to here for the latest version.


In late 2018, OSC installed 260 Intel® Xeon® 'Skylake' processor-based nodes as the original Pitzer cluster. In September 2020, OSC installed additional 398 Intel® Xeon® 'Cascade Lake' processor-based nodes as part of a Pitzer Expansion cluster.

Owens, Pitzer

This page documents the known issues for migrating jobs from Torque to Slurm.


Please be aware that $PBS_NODEFILE is a file while $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST is a string variable. 

The analog on Slurm to cat $PBS_NODEFILE is srun hostname | sort -n 

Owens, Pitzer

How to Submit Interactive jobs

There are different ways to submit interactive jobs.

Using qsub

qsub command is patched locally to handle the interactive jobs. So mostly you can use the qsub command as before: