Allinea Performance Reports

Allinea Performance Reports is a simple tool used to generate a single-page HTML or plain text report that presents the overall performance characteristics of HPC applications. It supports pthreads, OpenMP, or MPI code on CPU, GPU, and MIC based architectures.

Availability and Restrictions


The versions currently available at OSC are:

5.0.1   X  
5.1 X X  
6.0 X X  
6.0.1 X X  
6.0.6     X
6.1.1   X  
7.0  X*  X*


7.1     X
* Current default version

You can use module spider allinea to view available modules for a given machine. Feel free to contact OSC Help if you need other versions for your work.


Allinea Performance Reports is available to all OSC users. We have 64 seats with 64 HPC tokens. Users can monitor the license status here.



To load the module for the Allinea Performance Reports default version, use module load allinea. To select a particular software version, use module load allinea/version. For example, use module load allinea/6.0 to load Allinea Performance Reports version 6.0, provided the version is available on the OSC cluster in use.

Using Allinea Performance Reports

You can use your regular executables to generate performance reports. The program can be used to analyze third-party code as well as code you develop yourself. Performance reports are normally generated in a batch job.

To generate a performance report for an MPI program:

module load allinea
perf-report -np <num procs> --mpiargs="<mpi args>" <program> <program args>

where <num procs> is the number of MPI processes to use, <mpi args> represents arguments to be passed to mpiexec (other than -n or -np), <program> is the executable to be run and <program args> represents arguments passed to your program.

For example, if you normally run your program with mpiexec -n 12 wave_c, you would use

perf-report -np 12 wave_c

To generate a performance report for a non-MPI program:

module load allinea
perf-report --no-mpi <program> <program args>

The performance report is created in both html and plain text formats. The file names are based on the executable name, number of processes, date and time, for example,  wave_c_12p_2016-02-05_12-46.html. To open the report in html format use

firefox wave_c_12p_2016-02-05_12-46.html

For more details, download the Allinea Performance Reports User Guide.

Performance Reports with GPU

Allinea Performance Reports can be used for CUDA codes. If you have an executable compiled with the CUDA library, you can launch Allinea Performance Reports with

perf-report {executable}

For more information, please read the section 6.9 of the Allinea Performance Reports User Guide.

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