HOWTO: Share data using Globus

Globus Connect Server v5 allows OSC users to share data with their collaborators who do not have OSC HPC account (the collaborator needs to sign up for a free Globus account though). The advantage of data sharing via Globus is that you do not have to move your data in order to share it. You can select directory paths to be securely shared with your collaborator, and grant them read-only or read-write access.

Note: You can only share directories, not individual files. 

Sharing data with collaborators 

  1. Login to Globus. If your institution does not have an organizational login, you may choose to either Sign in with Google or Sign in with ORCiD iDb.png
  2. Map your OSC credentials to your Globus account following this page if you haven't done this before. Select 'Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)' as the identity provider from the list. You will be redirected to the page below. Provide your OSC HPC credentials:OSC_login.png
  3. Navigate to the "ENDPOINTS" on the sidebar and search 'OSC GCSv5'. Click 'OSC GCSv5' to go to this endpointv5.png
  4. Click the 'Collections' menu. You will see all of the collections added by you before. To add a new collection, click 'Add a Collection'. Enter your OSC username and password for the authenticationcollection_0.png
  5. Choose the filesystem you want to transfer file
    • OSC Home Gateway: home directory
    • OSC /fs/project Gateway: project directory
    • OSC /fs/scratch Gateway: scratch directory
    • OSC /fs/ess Gateway: OSC's new storage directory
    • S3 Storage Gateway
    • gateway.png
  6. Create a guest collection. (Note: the default path will be $HOME for home directory, /fs/project for project filesystem and /fs/scratch for scratch filesystem. You can change to a more specific directory by providing the path in ‘Base Directory’). Click 'Create Collection' to finish the creation. gateway_2.png
  7. Navigate to the "File Manager" on the sidebar. Select the view to be one-panel by switching the icon beside "Panels" on the top-right of the pageswitch.png
  8. Enter the collection you want to share by clicking 'select a collection': choose_sharing.png
  9. Click 'Your Collections' to choose the right collection choose_s.png
  10. Click 'Permissions' button in the right side panepermission.png
  11. To share with your collaborators, click 'Add Permissions - Share With'. You can specify the directory you want to share, choose to share with users by selecting their email address or Globus username, or share with a group or all Globus users or everyone. You can also select 'Send Email' to send email to your collaborator. If you want your collaborator to also be able to transfer data into the directory, you can also provide write access by checking the 'write' button. Once the options have been selected, click 'Add Permission'. You should be redirected to the information page on this collection, and see the people you have shared it with.
    • You can repeat this process for any number of collaborators.sharewith.pngsharewith_2.png
  12. To terminate the sharing, you can click the 'X' next to the invitee on the screen.Remove.png
  13. To see all collections you have shared, go to 'Endpoints' in the left bar, then 'Shareable by You'.allshare.png
If your collaborator has the write access, he/she can transfer data and delete files within that directory and any subdirectories. So be careful about providing write access.
It is highly recommended that you terminate the sharing or delete the collection when your collaborator has completed downloading the data. 

Information for your collaborators 

  1. Your collaborator needs to sign up for a free Globus account for data sharing
  2. Your collaborator needs to install the Globus Connect Personal client on his/her personal computer if he/she needs to download the data. See this page for more information. 
  3. If you select 'Send Email' to send an email to your collaborator, he/she will get an email including the URL to access the share. Your collaborator can click on the link and log in with the credentials
  4. Your collaborator can also access to the share by logging into Globus. Navigate to the "ENDPOINTS" on the sidebar and click on 'Shared with You'. 

Further Reading