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The lead instructors at Berkeley provided all of the instructional materials used in the course.  This included videos of all lectures, quizzes relating to each of the lectures, and several programming assignments.  The recorded videos allowed each of the participating institutions to work through the course on their own academic schedule.  The lectures can either be watched independently by the students or jointly in the classroom.  Class time can then be used to discuss the lecture material

Collaborators and Their Responsibilities

A Collaborative Online Course

Oakley, Owens, Ruby

This page provides a list of the scientific database available at OSC. 


USEARCH is a sequence analysis tool that offers high-throughput search and clustering algorithms to analyze data.

Availability and Restrictions


USEARCH is available on the Owens cluster. The versions currently available at OSC are:


Oakley, Owens

VMD is a visulaization program for the display and analysis of molecular systems.

Availability and Restrictions


The following versions of VMD are available on OSC clusters:

Owens, Ruby

ABAQUS is a finite element analysis program owned and supported by SIMULIA, the Dassault Systèmes brand for Realistic Simulation.

Availability and Restrictions


The available programs are ABAQUS/CAE, ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit. The versions currently available at OSC are:

Oakley, Owens, Pitzer, Ruby

Arm DDT is a graphical debugger for HPC applications. It supports pthreads, OpenMP, or MPI code on CPU, GPU, and MIC based architectures.

Availability & Restrictions


The Arm DDT versions currently available at OSC are: