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These are the public key fingerprints (in hexadecimal format): = 33:37:84:c1:05:52:4b:b0:63:72:01:02:13:bb:5d:6c = 72:e1:3c:28:e7:28:c5:d1:5b:f0:64:16:23:31:4c:ff = 51:5f:8a:b0:b9:30:f7:3d:eb:d0:66:f9:c8:5d:10:bc = 34:8d:c1:ba:4c:d6:36:07:ed:89:d1:81:50:dc:df:21

These are the public key fingerprints for Ruby (in hexadecimal format):
ruby: = 01:21:16:c4:cd:43:d3:87:6d:fe:da:d1:ab:20:ba:4a
ruby: = eb:83:d9:ca:88:ba:e1:70:c9:a2:12:4b:61:ce:02:72
ruby: = ef:4c:f6:cd:83:88:d1:ad:13:50:f2:af:90:33:e9:70

These are the public key fingerprints for Oakley (in hexadecimal format):
oakley: = 01:21:16:c4:cd:43:d3:87:6d:fe:da:d1:ab:20:ba:4a
oakley: = eb:83:d9:ca:88:ba:e1:70:c9:a2:12:4b:61:ce:02:72
oakley: = ef:4c:f6:cd:83:88:d1:ad:13:50:f2:af:90:33:e9:70

These are the public key fingerprints for Owens (in hexadecimal format):
owens: = 18:68:d4:b0:44:a8:e2:74:59:cc:c8:e3:3a:fa:a5:3f
owens: = 1c:3d:f9:99:79:06:ac:6e:3a:4b:26:81:69:1a:ce:83
owens: = d6:92:d1:b0:eb:bc:18:86:0c:df:c5:48:29:71:24:af

Perl is a family of programming languages.

StringTie assembles aligned RNA-Seq reads into transcripts that represent splice variants in RNA-Seq samples.

Cufflinks is a program that analyzes RNA -Seq samples. It assembles aligned RNA-Seq reads into a set of transcripts, then inspects the transcripts to estimate abundances and test for differential expression and regulation in the RNA-Seq reads.

HISAT2 is a graph-based alignment program that maps DNA and RNA sequencing reads to a population of human genomes.

TopHat uses Bowtie, a high-throughput short read aligner, to analyze the mapping results for RNA-Seq reads and identify splice junctions.


Please note that tophat (and bowtie) cannot run in parallel, that is, on multiple nodes.  Submitting multi-node jobs will only waste resources.  In addition you must explicitly include the '-p' option to use multiple threads on a single node.