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Client portal password and username options

As always, Visit the OSC Client Portal website

Change password while already logged in

Click ‘Change Password’ from the dropdown menu of in the upper-right corner where the full name of the user is shown.

A successful password change redirects back to the dashboard page. There is also a message displayed confirming the change and providing other information.


Preemption Job

Preemption job is available in general using a new QOS: preemptible.

Jobs that request this QOS will be eligible to be run on reserved condo nodes. However, if other jobs with the appropriate QOS are waiting on those same resources, the preemptible jobs are killed to allow the higher QOS jobs start. Preemption will be done with a minimum runtime before preemption of 15 minutes. Preemptible jobs will be charged at the same rate.


Here are the queues available on Pitzer. Please note that you will be routed to the appropriate queue based on your walltime and job size request.


Memory Limit:

It is strongly suggested to consider the memory use to the available per-core memory when users request OSC resources for their jobs. 


Owens, Pitzer, Ruby

In client portal, we provide interactive reporting region with Oracle Application Express (APEX) that allows end users to query data and customize reports. According to ORACLE, this interactive reporting region allows users to

Owens, Pitzer, Ruby

Interactive reporting of HPC job activity

The HPC Job Activity menu item opens a powerful reporting tool. By default, the report shows all activity over the last 30 days for projects you are authorized to view usage of. There are simple filters available at the top to put in a specific job ID, narrow the report to a specific project, or select a specific date range.


Apache Subversion is a full-featured version control system. 

Owens, Pitzer, Ruby

OSC client portal allows users to request and manage their projects.

Requesting a new project

New academic projects

To request a new project, navigate to Project -> New Academic Project. Below is some more information on certain fields.

Project Type

If the requested project will be used for a classroom or a workshop, then the project type should be changed to a Classroom project.

The link to the client portal is Please log into it using your current OSC HPC username and password.

OSC client portal is a full replacement of OSC’s accounting and account management infrastructure (including and It maintains the ability to change your password and contact information as well as submit grant proposals, but much is being added. A partial list includes: