Known Issues

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Statewide Intel compiler license checkout failures

This morning (9/10/14) we updated our Intel compiler licenses. We are seeing some unexpected license checkout failures in the logs (please click through to see details):

10:44:... (Read more)          
8 months 2 weeks ago 8 months 4 days
Lustre Updates

9/10/14 - We have not seen any additional crashes of the Lustre servers since making this change.

- Lustre jobs are being accepted as of 10AM this... (Read more)

9 months 4 days ago 8 months 2 weeks
Lustre jobs suspended

The Lustre filesystem ($PFSDIR and /fs/lustre) has crashed several times Friday evening (8/15). We have degraded this service temporarily, while we work to isolate the actions that are triggering... (Read more)

9 months 2 weeks ago 9 months 4 days
Armstrong offline until Noon

Armstrong will need to be taken down today until Noon.  In the meantime, contact OSCHelp ( for account assistance.

9 months 1 week ago 9 months 1 week
Lustre, Infiniband Operational and Being Monitored Closely

UPDATE: Most users should no longer see any issues with Lustre.

Again, please continue to notify OSC Help of any errors you see in job output. For example, you might see "... (Read more)

9 months 4 weeks ago 9 months 2 weeks
issue with OnDemand 6:09 - 8:39 pm

OnDemand, epi accounting queries, the Viper DB, the Medline DB, the Eweld DB,... (Read more)

9 months 2 weeks ago 9 months 2 weeks logins failing

Logins to are failing. This is unrelated to our InfiniBand issue; a router change at OARnet is the believed cause. They are working on re-establishing the necessary routing.

9 months 4 weeks ago 9 months 4 weeks
Emergency InfiniBand Shutdown (All systems)

We have returned to service. It appears that we have resolved the networking issues enough to allow jobs to run safely. We will continue working with our vendors to fix any remaining hardware... (Read more)

10 months 20 hours ago 9 months 4 weeks
Lustre is still offline. HPC systems back up

Day One of the scheduled downtime has been completed, and HPC operations have resumed. As planned, Lustre work will extend into Day Two. Jobs using /fs/lustre or $PFSDIR cannot run until this work... (Read more)

10 months 3 weeks ago 10 months 2 weeks
Certain modules not accessible

Certain modules are not working for all clusters since the downtime.  We have reports specifically that Amber, Gaussian, and Turbomole are not working.  We are working to resolve the issue, but... (Read more)

10 months 3 weeks ago 10 months 3 weeks