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Statewide Users Group Agenda
August 8, 2013 

10:00 a.m.: Coffee and Tea (BALE Conference)

10:15 a.m.: Committee Meetings

    Hardware and Operations (BALE Conference)
    Allocations (BALE Theater)
    Software and Activities (Stutz/Buckeye Conference)

11:45 a.m.: Lunch (BALE Conference)

12:30 p.m.: Welcome--Aravind Asthagiri, Chair

SUG Meetings are streamed online. To attend meetings remotely, please see the instructions for connecting to streams.


GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) is a set of open source LP (linear programming) and MIP (mixed integer problem) routines written in ANSI C, which can be called from within C programs. 

Availability & Restrictions

GLPK is available to all OSC users without restriction. 

The following versions are available on OSC systems:

Glenn, Oakley

Principal Investigators of OSC projects are responsible for updating their authorized user list, their outside funding sources, and their publications and presentations that acknowledge OSC. All of these tasks can be accomplished through the ARMSTRONG portal (


Glenn, Oakley

CFX is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program for modeling fluid flow and heat transfer in a variety of applications.

Availability and Restrictions

CFX is available on Oakley and Glenn Clusters. The versions currently available at OSC are:

Occasionally, jobs that experience problems may generate emails from staff or automated systems at the center with some information about the nature of the problem. These pages provide additional information about the various emails sent, and steps that can be taken to address the problem.

Problem description

A common problem on our systems is for a user job to run a node out of memory or to use more than its allocated share of memory if the node is shared with other jobs.


Notify you that we have placed a hold on emails sent to you from the HPC system.

Sample subject line

Emails sent to email address in the last hour exceeded the expected volume

Apparent sender

OSC Help <>


Notify you that one or more of your jobs caused excessive load on one of the network file system directory servers.

Sample subject line

Your jobs on Oakley are causing excessive load on fs14

Apparent sender

OSC Help <> or an individual staff member


Notify you that one or more of your jobs was running on a compute node that crashed due to a hardware problem.

Sample subject line

Failure of job(s) 919137 due to a hardware problem at OSC

Apparent sender

OSC Help <>


Your job failed and was not at fault. You should resubmit the job.