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Cray J90seIn June, 1997, OSC engineers installed the Cray J90se system. This Scalar Enhanced series doubled the scalar speed of the processors on the base J90 model to 200 MHz; the vector chip remained at 100 MHz.

In October, 1995 OSC engineers installed an SGI Power Challenge system at the KRC site. The SGI system featured 16 processors, two gigabytes of main memory (8-way interleaved), and four megabytes of secondary cache.

Convex Exemplar SPP1220OSC engineers in 1995 installed a Convex Exemplar SPP1220 system, a recently upgraded version of Convex’s popular SPP1000 system, featuring a new processor, memory and I/O package.

IBM SP2In April, 1995, OSC engineers began installing a powerful new computer at the OSC/KRC – an IBM RISC System/6000* Scalable POWERparallel Systems * SP2.

Cray Y-MP 2EIn 1994 OSC installed a Cray Y-MP 2E as a complement machine to the Cray T3D MPP.

Cray T3D MPPOn April 18, 1994, OSC engineers took delivery of a 32-processor Cray T3D MPP, an entry-level massively parallel processing system. Each of the processors included a DEC Alpha chip, eight megawords of memory and Cray-designed memory logic.

Cray Y-MP8/864In August 1989, OSC engineers completed the installation of the $22 million Cray Y-MP8/864 system, which was deemed the largest and fastest supercomputer in the world for a short time.


X-MP and OSC staffOhio State in the spring of 1987 budgeted $8.2 million over the next five years to lease a Cray X-MP/24, OSP’s first real supercomputer. The X-MP arrived June 1 at the OSU IRCC loading dock on Kinnear Road.

Often users want to submit a large amount of jobs all at once with each using different parameters for each job.  These parameters could be anything, including the path of a data file or different input values for a program.  This how-to will show you how you can do this using a simple python script, a CSV file, and a template script.  You will need to adapt this advice for your own situation.